Drumintoul Drive, Coylumbridge

Name: Drumintoul Drive

Location: Coylumbridge, Aviemore

NGR: NH91669 10859

Classification: Residential

Date: 1998

Landscape Architect: Mark Turnbull and Keith Horner, Turnbull Jeffrey Partnership

Status: not listed

Canmore ID: none

Description: A small-scale development of individual houses, based on simple site planning principles and clearly defined development guidelines.  Located at the foot of the Northern Cairngorms, the site required a sensitive approach to the introduction of a new housing development. To establish a consistency of overall appearance to the development, defined development zones controlled the location, height and sizes of houses within each plot, plot frontage treatments were limited to either stone walls or hedges to define and control the streetscape character and each house was designed from an architectural ‘kit of parts’ to ensure the development had a recognisable and consistent architectural style.  These measures were devised to allow purchasers some flexibility to tailor their specific requirements within clearly defined design parameters to control the overall appearance and character of the development.  The road design represents a low-key character of low upstand stone kerbs, bollard lighting and narrow grass verges with granite sett thresholds to each plot.  The development was seen as a pre-cursor to the larger new community planned by Rothiemurchus Estate at nearby An Camas Mor. Text by: Keith Horner. Proposed by: Keith Horner

copyright Turnbull Jeffery Partnership

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