Who we are

The Sco.Mo Project is a Landscape Institute Scotland funded project that is here to promote and implement the documentation, preservation and celebration of Scottish Modernist Landscape Architecture (1945-1999).


What we believe

Modernist landscapes cannot be separated from the economic, political and social environments that generated them. As such, we believe that this period offers one of the most culturally rich chapters of landscape architectural history, as the world attempted to come to terms with modern developments and put the horrors of war into the past.

We believe that it is essential to discover how Scottish landscape designers, working during this time frame, related to the worldwide pressures that helped to define this style. How did they relate to internationally renowned designers and works? How did they see what they were doing in the context of Scotland, the UK and Europe? What is their legacy?

We believe that this period of design showcases some of the best Scottish proponents of landscape architecture – both individuals and practices. It is vital to discover, preserve and celebrate these in order to both understand the development of our profession better and to preserve our heritage.


What our aims are

  • to document all Scottish Modernist landscape architecture projects;
  • to make this period of landscape architecture more accessible and visible, especially with regards to the lack of readily available information;
  • to promote the preservation and restoration of some of these sites where appropriate;
  • to celebrate these works and their proponents and to discover how they and this style are relevant to the present and contemporary designers
  • to engage people in the period and aid present creativity that is influenced by Scottish Modernist landscape designs


Join us

This project is for all those who want to take part in a collective enjoyment and passion for Scottish Modernist landscape architecture. If you are interested in helping or have any knowledge you feel may be of benefit to the Sco.Mo Landscape Project, please get in touch.

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