Bolders and Rill Garden

Name: Bolders and Rill Garden

Location: Strathclyde University, Cathedral area, Glasgow


Classification: Garden/University campus

Date: 1971

Landscape Architect: Preben Jakobsen

Status: not listed

Canmore ID: none

Description: Delightful courtyard garden by Danish landscape architect Preben Jakobsen (1934-2012) located within the University of Glasgow city campus. The gardens interpret a Scottish burn. The watercourse includes pools, rills and falls, in an extremely considered manner, constructed in hewn natural stone, assumed Whin, Granite cubes, and exposed aggregate blocks with occasional natural stone boulders. A path runs the full length of the watercourse and is constructed from pre-cast concrete setts and paviours. The planting palette includes pines, willow, birch, maple and alder trees underplanted with a shrub layer including Cotoneaster var. and Viburnum davidii, with perennial marginal planting including Ligularia dentata ‘Othello’, Astilbie var. and Gunnera, and Caltha palustris Marsh marigold or kingcup within the watercourse. Therefore as the garden enters it’s 50th year, it is a concern that recent construction activity has resulted in the removal of some original planting around the lower pool. Further, inappropriate planting including a box hedge and a white gravel mulch has altered the naturalistic appearance of the top pool. Text by: Matt Benians


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