Gyle Business Park

Name: Gyle Business Park including sculpture garden

Location: South Gyle, Edinburgh

NGR: NT17844 71895

Classification: Business Park

Date: 1980’s

Landscape Architect: Ian White Associates

Status: not listed

Canmore ID: 302410

Description: A rationally organised and planned business park, demonstrating the importance of establishing a robust landscape framework within which a variety of different architectural styles can be accommodated.  A simple and consistently applied palette of hard and soft landscape treatments creates a strongly defined character to the park.  The linear water feature creates an informal, naturalistic yet clearly designed landscape feature and focus to the development, as a counterbalance to the rigidly applied formality and geometry of the surrounding landscape framework of tree avenues, hedges and pedestrian circulation.  Despite the subsequent introduction of the Edinburgh tram system, which has unfortunately fragmented some of the boundary landscape treatments, the overall strength of character of the design remains substantially intact. Text by: Keith Horner. Proposed by: Keith Horner

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