Archaeolink Prehistoric Park

Name: Archaeolink Prehistoric Park

Location: Oyne, Abredeenshire

NGR: NJ 66903 25628

Classification: Visitor Attraction

Date: 1997

Landscape Architect: Keith Horner & Vanessa Stephens, Turnbull Jeffrey Partnership

Status: not listed

Canmore ID: 221062


Located in a landscape steeped in cultural significance, the Archaeolink Prehistory Park acts as a window to the districts varied historical past, and as a base from which to explore its rich concentration of archaeological sites.

Close liaison between architect and landscape architect developed a site layout concept which located the visitor building centrally on the coincidence of the vista to Dunnideer, a prominent hill top fort, and the Berry Hill/Bennachie axis, forming the boundary to, and intersection of, four distinct outdoor spaces.  The conical grass form of the semi-buried building evokes strong prehistoric associations, while other geometric grass embankments reminiscent of prehistoric ramparts structure visitor movements, screen car parking and enclose and define outdoor exhibition areas. The site planning and organisation of the layout of the development represents a rational, sensitive and considered response to the sites prehistoric landscape setting and the requirements of the brief, creating a simple, logical approach to the visitor centre and the definition of outdoor spaces related to specific activities and displays. 

Due to falling visitor numbers, Aberdeenshire Council took control of the centre in 2005 and it finally closed in 2011.  Since then, nature has been slowly reclaiming the site.  Text by: Keith Horner. Proposed by: Keith Horner

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