Call for Sites

Scottish Modernist Landscape Project

The Sco.Mo Project started out as s a Landscape Institute Scotland funded project that is here to promote and implement the documentation, preservation and celebration of Scottish Modernist Landscape Architecture (1945-1999).

It has come to the attention of the LIS and Sco.Mo Team that Scotland’s landscape modernist heritage is woefully underrepresented, with often little or no information to be found as a collective and engaging resource.

We need your help

The project is currently in its early phase – although we aim to eventually be an online resource for projects from this period, including information, photos, articles and interviews, we first need to collate and catalogue all the important sites. This is where we need your help.

Landscapes we want to hear about are:

  •       those designed or built between 1945-1999 in Scotland
  •       those with a strong design element
  •       the projects may either still be in use or abandoned
  •       private, public or semi-public (see typologies for more information)

Different typologies may include:

  •       Gardens – both public and private
  •       Parks and open green space areas for recreation and leisure (including cemeteries)
  •       Urban spaces; public squares, streetscapes and other civic or urban spaces
  •       Housing or townscape schemes
  •       Commercial sites; business parks, hotels and business headquarters
  •       Institutions; schools, universities, hospitals, military sites, religious sites
  •       Infrastructure; reservoirs, motorways and airports

What to do

Please email with:

  •       Name and location of the site
  •       What it is (i.e. brief description including date)
  •       Any photos you may have – or can find – to help showcase the site (please include if you have copyright)
  •       Designer, if known
  •       A short summary of why you think this site is important
  •       Anything else you feel may be relevant at this stage

Please visit to see a range of examples – if you have any further information/photographs for these sites please do not hesitate to contact us.

First hand knowledge

Did you or someone you know well have any part in designing these landscapes? If so, we would particularly like to hear from you. If you, or anyone you know, may also have archival material to contribute, please get in touch via  

For further information about who Sco.Mo are and what the aims of the project include please visit:


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